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RackmaX Premium Components

Fabricated for ease of installation, increased load bearing and 7x impact protection.

RackmaX II

RackmaX II

Single column repair component.

RackmaX H

RackmaX H

Double column repair component.

RackmaX F

RackmaX F

Certain racks may require this configuration.

Bolt connection

Pallet Rack Components for Repair + Protection

At RackmedX, we build and install premium-quality components for all repair services. They can be installed on any type of rack, no matter the damage. Reach out to us to learn more about our selection of components and the benefits of each. 800.708.1249.

Rack Support Frames

 RackmaX RXFB, RXSB and RXHB (7X) Impact  Protection

 RMXII (bottom right) and RMXH (bottom left) may require additional X-  braces depending on the direction of the diagonals in the rack frame. 

RMXIII Pallet Rack Repair Component

RXFB (top right) can be weld- or bolt-installed on a damaged rack column, and it includes all structural tube steel construction.

All RMX Repair Components are bolt installed.

Pallet Rack Repair & Support Components
CONTACT RackmedX for a free damage survey and exact cost to repair + protect your damaged racks. 800-708-1249 or email:

Rack Repair Components

Rack repair components can be designed and fabricated to accept load beams anywhere on the repaired rack column. Often, the damage is at or near the load beam, and a section of the repair component needs to accommodate the load beam's reinstallation.

Load beams can be accommodated in two ways: A section of a compatible factory rack column can be inserted into the rack repair component, or a load beam pocket can be installed. If you need the ability to relocate load beams, we can fabricate for that as well.

Horizontal replacement braces are fabricated with 14 gauge structural tube steel, which is 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and adjustable to fit any rack depth. These braces simply bolt through the existing beam-locking holes on the rack, and they can be color-matched. The diagonals can be adjusted to the proper angle and length.

 RackmaX and EconomaX components

Support & Protection Beams

EconomaX  (our most requested service) for large repair projects where many racks are repaired. Installed by our factory technicians.

EconomaX pallet rack repair components are designed for reduced cost and are recommended for large projects where many repairs are needed. Impact protection is integrated into every EconomaX component. EconomaX can be fabricated to repair damage anywhere on the rack column, including at or above load beams wherever they are located. All EconomaX components are reinforced with 11-gauge column protection. All 3" x 1.5" rack columns are reinforced with 3" x 1.5" tube steel (backer column) to bring column dimensions to 3x3.

Bolt on rack repair


Allows load beams to be inserted where needed now or in the future.

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